The Great Siege Of Malta

After they had realized that there was no chance to flee,
they began glancing - frequently to the sea
peaceful lights were glimmering from some boats to the shore
soon they expected the start - of a tremendous war

The Ottoman armada arrived next day at dawn
while all Maltese and knights had already withdrawn
200 ships - around the small Maltese island
with 40.000 soldiers they were manned

Too many invaders against a small group of Maltese
Spain wasn’t responsive to the Maltese pleas
a desperate bid to the Vice King of Sicily
but no help at all - no one you could see

Thousands of bullets a day were fired into the fort
never a break – on this island they were court
impossible for them – to save the fort
but a hasty triumph – they were able to thwart

When darkness of the night become as bright as day,
despite the gunners of the corsairs – the brave soldiers stay,
the brightness in the harbor, reflects to the bay
in these lights of fire – no one can run away

Le Valette said – only victory or death
the knights of Saint John - fought to their last breath
and the preachers exacted in front of the altar
defend the world at all costs - defend Malta

For many weeks they were fighting for their lives
with guns and axes sometimes with swords and knifes
From ten thousand defenders - only 600 survived
the invaders expelled - when soldiers from Sicily arrived

The great siege of Malta has its own place in history
but how they survived - is still a mystery
in those days of the siege, the heroic fighters had been born
most of them lost their lives – in the military storm.

From the rubble of the battle, a new city arose
which is called Valetta - as everybody knows