Born To Give Love           

Now you're sleeping like an angel
the smile on your face will stay with you
we know you'll become an angel
we'll miss you before the night is through.

I can't accept that our time has gone
while our children are still small
I can’t believe there must be something wrong
but darling I don't know where to call
your brother is weeping outside,
your parents and friends beside,

you gave us love through all the years,
wondering how I'll get along,
this gap will brings us all to tears,
darling help    to keep us strong.

I tried to support and whispered to your pain
like you did it to our kids when they were small
we've always been like twins, like two souls in a chain
now you are behind this invisible wall
your children can feel your nearing end
helping you by  holding your hand

You were born, born to give love,
you were a rose without a thorn since you were born,
from now on you’ll protect us from above
your life was too short my rose without a thorn, 

Now you belong to heaven
children’s tears are on your face
send a sign to recognize you
when we’ll meet in this other place.