Malta is a melting pot of different cultures, different ethnic groups and interesting people. Similarly colourful and internationally composed, the band 'Soulmates' bases its rock and pop music on Mediterranean and Maltese topics.
The Maltese story makes exciting reading. First came the Carthaginians, then the Romans and eventually the Arabs. Particularly impressive was the defensive capability against the Ottomans. During the Ottoman attack the Maltese stood firm and achieved a great European victory. After four months of siege, the Turks withdrew.
Voltaire once said: "rien est plus connu que la siege de Malte" - Nothing in the world is as well known as the Siege of Malta in 1565. Today, one could say, "Nothing is as forgotten as the siege of Malta by the Ottomans. "
The end of the siege on September 8, is still a public holiday in Malta.
450 years later the Soulmates have recorded 'The Great Siege of Malta' on their debut album in an 11 minute musical work. A small rock opera with medieval style elements.

The album "Carried by the Wind" is a colourful mix of rock, pop and ballads.
The album's music combines sonority with expressiveness, tells stories which could happen to anyone and just makes you sing along.
Sometimes happy "Let's Fellow The Sun", "Salt Melts Ice", "I'm in Malta" and "Shiva (The Dance on Fire)", sometimes to dream "We Make a Masterpiece" and "Bye, Bye, Blue Lagoon" to sophisticated as "Born to Give Love "and "The Great Siege of Malta ".

Long before Brussels dealt with the refugee issue, the Maltese and Italians rescued shipwrecked immigrants from the Mediterranean Sea. According to the records, 20,000 refugees have landed in Malta, which corresponds to 5% of the Maltese population.
"Carried By The Wind" tells the story of a working but excluded refugee who comes every night to the beach, to send his family his song.

With an area of only one square kilometer Valetta is the smallest capital of an EU Member State. The Capital of the Republic of Malta was registered as a total monument in the list of UNESCO World Heritage through its cultural richness. In 2018, Valletta will become a European Capital of Culture.