Olaf Senkbeil turned his talent into a profession. From pop to heavy metal, he has sung in many bands as wellas being abackground and studio singer. Beside his very large stage experience, his interesting character and being the typical frontman of the band, he is not too proud to sing in the background, or to play the keyboards.


Mike Glenn was born in California before his parents decided to move to Germany, where he started a career as a cart driver and mechanic. Later he discovered hislove for music and started to sing in own bands and cover-bands. His very special voice ispredestined for ballads. 

Vladimir Ney was born in Kasakhstan. His musical education took 20 years during which time he learned the Piano, arrangement and composing. He plays piano, organ and keyboards and arranged many songs on this album.- one of the musical hearts of the band. 

Gottfried Koch is a professional musician. He studied composing and has its own music studio. Beside Guitar he plays the bass guitar in the band and provides excellent background vocals. He arranged the songstogether with Vladimir .

Band Boris_RZ.png

Boris Recke is the drummer. Beside his demanding job as a drum teacher, he plays in different bands and his musical range extends from jazz to rock, but always groovy. He has achieved good results in all genres.. 


The Moldovan pan flutist Roman Kazak has established himself among of the leading pan flutists in the world.In the media, he is even ennobled with the title "Prince of Pan". "My heart lies in classical music, but I also love modern styles." The challenge was to arrange this instrument successfully in rock and pop,


Fjol van Forbach is the lead guitarist. He is a guitarist, composer, arranger, music producer, guitar lecturer and seminar leader. In addition to working on his own various band projects Fjol van Forbach performs repeatedly as a session musician. 


Andrej Rein is a master of the Bayan, the Russian button accordion. This sound gives some ballads its symbiosis of Eastern and Western culture in music. Andrej also plays the Spanish Guitar and works as a music teacher.